[PnP] Seeker And Other Films Through The P&P Lens

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Legend of the Seeker is 'loosely' based on Terry Goodkind's Sword of 
Truth Series which starts with Wizard's First Rule
They have rewritten it quite a lot, but the characters are fairly close 
even if the story timeline and events radically changed
All the story so far is set in the first book even though much of the 
story is fluff not related to the book

john haight wrote:
> The two are completely separate stories. 'Legend of the Seeker' 
> I believe is based on some Terry Brooks novels while the movie, 'The 
> Seeker: The Dark is Rising', is based on Susan Cooper's books (others 
> include 'Silver on the Tree' and 'The Green Witch' and are based 
> loosely on germanic/celtic myths (Wayland Smith for example)
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> >At first glance, I wasn't sure if you were talking about the film "The 
> >Seeker" or the TV series "Legend Of The Seeker"; I haven't seen 
> either yet.
> >The thread made me think of something I do all the time. I have a 
> huge DVD 
> >collection and I re-watch my favorite films, particularly the 
> >fantasy-oriented ones, endlessly.
> >In addition to general inspiration, I try to imagine placing the film's 
> >content in terms of P&P. Some of my favorites are Conan The Barbarian, 
> >Dragonslayer, Excalibur, The Beastmaster, The Dark Crystal, Krull, 
> >Ladyhawke; period films also that spark different kinds of 
> inspiration for 
> >me include many, like Richard Lester's The Three Musketeers/The Four 
> >Musketeers/The Return Of The Musketeers, Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The 
> Golden 
> >Age, Shogun, Braveheart, Rob-Roy; etc,etc,etc...
> >I was curious to hear anyone else's favorites, and maybe what aspects 
> of 
> >them draw similarities to P&P, or what might downright fit right in The 
> >Lands Perilous.
> When the Seeker movie came out on Hbo last month I was planning on 
> seeing it anyway.  Then I saw the behind the scenes stuff on a Seeker 
> Series.  I was talking above in reference to TV series.  The movie was 
> as far as I can tell totally opposite.  Young kid.  TV older guy maybe 
> mid-20s.  I think its 2 distinct universes as plot is a bit different 
> and may have been tweaked for the series.  But so far the TV series is 
> the best for pnp fans.  The magic alone is something to awe at.  It 
> may be hard to find but you can yahoo it on their tv guide or 
> something.  Legend of the Seeker. 
> As far as movies you named all good ones though I vaguely recall 
> Rob-roy....  I like fantasy movies but none have come too cose to pnp 
> for me.  I suppose movie wise I'd have to say Hobbit, maybe lord of 
> the rings. 
> TV series theres a few like Xena, Hercules and Seeker (teh best).  
> Oddly the same guy did all three.
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