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Tue Apr 29 00:55:19 CEST 2008

Hello Alan and J Hooten,

Character creation would be by the player's themselves but with some
modifications to reduce the emphasis on randomness explicit in the

I would also require a first-come, first-served set of adventurer
character stereotypes (e.g., one ranger/fighter type, one rougue-type,
one magician-type, one priest-type). A scholar-warrior is certainly an
interesting combination, but one I can work with. Thus, Alan you will be
the warrior character.

The rules set I'll be using will be pretty much straight from the boxed
set, but am happy to entertain changes where it is clear that they
simply don't work or don't make sense (e.g.,1.321A). I am more than
happy to entertain other house rules.

With yourself and J Hooten that will make two out the four necessary
characters. I'll set up a mailing list on mimesisrpg.com and send both
of you an invitation to join.

All the best,


On Mon, 2008-04-28 at 10:18 -0800, Allan Samuelson wrote:
> Lev,
> Heck yeah! I would love a chance to play again. I only get to run
> games right now and my players are all about d20 and only d20.
> As was asked already, how would you want to handle character creation?
> I would love a chance to play either a scholar-warrior or a shaman. I
> normally play humans, but would be willing to play a dwarf if that
> would fit better in the game.
> Allan, the Shadowsmith
> On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 4:02 PM, Lev Lafayette <lev at levlafayette.com>
> wrote:
>         Hi, I'm Lev and I'm delurking.
>         Many years ago (like over twenty years ago) I saw and read
>         Powers &
>         Perils. I thought it was unwieldy and badly written.
>         The website hosted here brought me back about 18 months ago to
>         reconsider the game. I now have the main boxed set, the Book
>         of Tables
>         and Perilous Lands.
>         It still strikes me as unwieldy and badly written but I also
>         think it
>         has some pretty camp art as well :-)
>         All this said however, I have a certain fascination for the
>         game. I'd
>         like to run a PBeM using PnP.
>         I guess this might be the right place to ask for potential
>         players?
>         Who would be interested in playing such a game? I would plan
>         to run it
>         over a period of roughly twelve months with one major post per
>         week and
>         minor posts every couple of days depending on requirements. I
>         would be
>         using the Perilous Lands supplement (yes, all of it).
>         I need a minimum of four interested individuals who can
>         participate
>         consistently. I should point out that my campaigns, both face
>         to face
>         and PBeM actually run their full course, so you won't be
>         wasting your
>         time designing characters.
>         All the best,
>         Lev
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