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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Oct 16 08:57:41 CEST 2007

At 10:46 PM 10/12/07, you wrote:
>OK...here's the question...if I enhance seeds, how many do I get per spell?
>Some plant items that get enhanced (seeds, typically) need 1 seed per Food Point to take effect.  Now, FP/person is different for each person.  When I enhance some seeds, for instance, and I get only a certain number of doses per enhance success, I get fewer enhanced seeds (2) as a 90# weakling (2FP/day) and the grotesquely fat guy gets 4...and the dwarf gets more, the elf gets less, etc....
I've played with it over the years.  In the end I have no set rule or formulae. Rule of thumb is 1d6 seeds per plant found.  But then you get into problems of plant size.  A large plant needed to be held in 2 hands and weight alot may yield 6 but a small plant the size of a silver dollar may only do 1-2.  If one had motivation and desire I'd suppose a Botanist could figure out some size chart but that might be overboard.  

On discovering plants I've used a simple system.  Kinda cheating.  But its the same roll ont eh chart.  

For example 
32-35 Clover Pink..
43-45 Elder Twigs.

So to find Twigs in a forest is 3% (43,44,45) and 4% for Pink.
So this can vary from place to place from forest to simple woods.  But as a general chance.  One could use this basic chance a a rough seed so 3%=3 or d3.  Etc.  But I've not done that.

Just one option I suppose.

One could add some Herbalist variant
say (EL/10) seed bonus or something.

But generally I just like 1d6 :)

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