[PnP] Forging bonuses

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Nov 30 06:24:57 CET 2007

Out of curiosity I wonder what folks think would be realistic 
(conservative estimates please) bonuses for the combination of an 
Enchanted Anvil MEL11 EL5 (to give +6 to skill) and a MEL14 EL8 
enchanted one handed forging hammer with enchanted dedication to forging 
iron/steel giving it WSB+9; FV44; Hit Chance+17 vs Iron/Steel (and only 
WSB+3; FV20; Hit Chance+5 vs anything else).

What bonuses would an Armorer/Weaponsmith/Blacksmith be likely to get to 
their skill using these?

Would there be any modification to the speed with which items might be 
If so, what?

Would there be any modification to the quality of the items made?  
If so, what?

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