[PnP] noob questions part V - bride of son of uncle of noob questions...

Scott M scottee.mac at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 02:10:20 CET 2007

no. i'll probably never get tired of it. assuming no one bans me, you
will, at some time in your life, eventually read noob questions part
CVI - son of sister of mom of grand aunt of former roomate of guy we
never met's pet fish bonzo of noob questions...

anyway, onto the question...

1) armor and one-shot breakage. is it just me, or does everyone on the
planet go through an insane amount of leather and quilted armor?
pretty much, by the third hit from anything - chances are, it is
destroyed. i love breaking armor - but i thought leather would be a
little sturdier than that. anybody do anything special here? or should
pcs just plan to buy stock in the tanning industry.

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