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Again, looking at ways to keep meat clean (I think I have steered  
them away from the elder dragon meat, but they may want to preserve  
the hide until they can get the stuff for tanning).

Preservation (LAW), BMC1.  Just says "food" but gives no quantity.   
Time frame in days.

Preserve the dead (BALANCE), BMC2.  Good for "one body" (tiny Faerry  
body or huge honking human? same deal).  time frame in weeks.

Now looking at it in a purely secular way, a dead body is meat  
anyways...any reason why "preserve the dead" can't be cast on a dead  
cow?  Good way to keep 500# of beef good for the troops.

I take it the balance intent is to keep a body clean for weeks for  
eventual resurrection, so the intent prevents the casing in sides of  
beef.  Presumably one could not cast it on a dragon hide, since it's  
not preeserving it for later res, but the spell description is  

So, if they wished to use preservation, how much is it good for?  I  
was proposing that Preservation follows the Balance model, in that  
"one body" quantity is a 200# unit, with each multiple of 200#  
dividing the time.  Since preservation is BMC1, taht would make it  
good for 100# of food ( a nice round number), and time is divided by  
the number of 100# units (this 500# of food divides tim to ONE-FIFTH).

On Mar 31, 2007, at 1:31 AM, Scott Adams wrote:

> Richard - Negate Magic - Is this more or less a cheap Priest spell  
> with no MDV limit like Dispel?  Or is this spell meant to stop  
> CASTING magic only?  Just wanted to make sure where your coming  
> from on this spell.  Thanks.
> Hrmmm...no Cure Paralysis spell.  Guess I'll have to get the R&D  
> group on that one.
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