[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 38, Issue 9

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Mon Jul 30 06:37:26 CEST 2007

At 11:40 AM 7/29/07, you wrote:

>Well, several things, I guess.  What are the favored armor types?  Being
>that they look to be rather warm (jungle on island) I don't see them
>wandering around in plate.  Shields in use?  Bows?  Also, since they have no
>horses to speak of, how do they move materials/food/goods around?  Bovines?
>They must also have one heck of an agricultural system to support 1.5M
>people on that little land area.  Since they are an island and so dependant
>on the seas, what kind of religion do the majority have?  I was thinking an
>Elder form with Zu and Manakel being prevalent (Manakel esp. for the
>sailors?  We also know they engage in slavery, should not a portion of the
>population be slaves from the East (red skinned, black hair?)

They are a short people and small body frame.  So I suspect they on average wear leathers.  Would be more costly to make plate for short folks.  While there may not be massive horse breeding operations there has bound to be horses on the island owned by folks.  Just wouldn't make sense to have no horses on the entire island.  I suspect no horses mean long term ranching/breeding.  Being an island of course they would get around by ships most of the time my guess.  I suspect some do use shields as well but most do not.  Same with bows though less common.  With Religion ye old ruler is god with the peasants probably worshiping most any god they wish.  

Not too useful but we'll see what Richard says...

As Richard is fond of saying anything goes up to the Ref and GM :)
So if you want a short oriental to have Ornate plate armor on his big Warhorse with Arbalest and 100 slaves around him that's up to you.  After all Heroes are odd creatures set aside from normal society :)

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