[PnP] Insubstantial

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Wed Jul 4 08:51:19 CEST 2007

List has been quiet of late.  Been busy myself.  Though I'm finally about to restart the ship project.  My P&P PBEM Adventure #3 is almost over for any who might want to join Adventure #4 :).

But that's why I'm not typing this.

Insubstantial.  Anyone play around with this spell?
Do you guys allow movement without Levitate or only with Levitate?  

In theory you can cast Insubstantial within itself.  Right?
So does that mean you can cast it on other objects or people as an attack? Or defense?  or to make walls go poof?

To me.  It seems like Invisibility in that you need to make physical contact with someone to cast it.  But with the loophole there that you can cast travel spells in it.  And Insubstantial is travel...ergo...

Richard?  Any others think about this?

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