[PnP] Lions, tigers and bears oh my!

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Thu Jan 11 04:22:21 CET 2007

At 08:04 AM 1/10/07, Choinski, Burton wrote:

>Well, very few of the creatures/monsters listed in the v2 books have any sort of terrain indication, so as I go through the entries and mark down notes in my excel sheet I'm having to make my best guess.  For the animals it's pretty clear since I can draw upon Earth equivalents.  Monsters and contact-level entities are trickier.  
>I'm using a relatively simple formula to determine "shares" -- 3/(SIZE+1), multiplied by a factor based on type: Carnivore x1, herbivore x10, NA x1/2, all others x2, all fractions rounded to the nearest, and a minimum of 1.
>Once all the shares are found, the program will choose a random number from 1 to (total shares) in order to choose the creature.
>For CL creatures, their shares go into a block that has it's own picker where the number of shares is inversely related to the CL (i.e. lower CL is more common).
>I have done animals and balance, working on chaos now.  When all entries are in I'll go back over the book 3 tables and correct the encounter terrains for existing creatures. Once complete I have to update the postscript program and I'll release it.

Interesting way.  I could probably do a similar system on the shares ideas.  Seems like there is another rpg that does that but can't recall the name.  But looks like you'll do teh work for me :)

Good luck.

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