[PnP] "Game Cracking" spells

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Mon Feb 5 01:25:56 CET 2007

At 02:08 PM 2/4/07, Wout Broere wrote:
>At 01:53 2007-02-01, you wrote:
>>  Hope my players don't see this post....:)
>Scott, just read the entire list ;>

Must kill you now :)

>The one and only fun-ending spell we always have problems with,
>Fascination, is not on your list. Does anyone consider this a nuisance as too powerful, or is it just me.
Well I lump it with Compulsion.
I tend to do it Role Playing aspect.  In that noe anyone can walk up to a bar maid cast a Fascination spell and take her home for the week.  No.  There has to be charm involved as well.  So I tend to do it like the old classic Vampire movies of yesteryear.  Need to reol play ghe scene and that play may help or hinder the spell.  That's how I balance it.  Since an ugly ogre might know the spell but even a barmaid may resist a fascination spell from an ogre if she can see him :)

This is also a Eye Contact spell balance for me.  Need the eye contact.  Course GMs can easilly balance it by having the victim run away quickly and that could make it hard ...then a full blow chase is involved with music..soundtrack and such...

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