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Burton Choinski bchoinski at comcast.net
Wed Dec 12 13:05:39 CET 2007

I believe the rules state that movement is reduced in proportion to  
the percent of damage taken, unless the target is a DTV* creature.

Our group has not  really been affected by that as such (they are so  
big and powerfull they rarely get in that spot), but We have applied  
it when it mattered (chases, etc)
On Dec 12, 2007, at 1:07 AM, Scott Adams wrote:

>>> From: Stefan Ludwig
> Hey Stefan hope you see this.  You may not be posting or on the  
> mailing list?
> I rarely use Movement Damage in most combats.  Combats are so fast I  
> tend to frankly forget to do it.  But the problem is there is really  
> no good single rule for damage.  Magic can slow a person as well.   
> Glue on boots can slow a person :).  What damage can slow a person?   
> To a brick like a 43 HP Fighter would a 6 point hit even tickle  
> him?  But a 12 point wizard a 6 point would almost kill him.  Not  
> all damage is equal.
> I have some file somewhere on this system with more reliable rules.   
> But I can't find it now.  It took into account various more factors  
> than MR and hp.  Like C, Stamina, spells, Will and other things.
> I'll see if I can find it.
> Busy Holidays.
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