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Albert Sales drite_mi at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 09:30:19 CEST 2007

  Who here has ever struck something or someone clasified as armored with a hand or foot? Yes, it hurts.  Also, hand to hand damages in the system can get quite high.  My take on this is not exactly a percentage of he damage recieved as subdual, but rather up to the armor's value (100% damage back at you to that point) is taken by the attacker.  Now, reduce that amount by their hand to hand skill. Normally, this will mean no damage if the attacker has any purpose attacking unarmed. Well, this is true. In a fight against an armored for, a skilled attacker will go for hyper-extensions or soft points. An unskilled attacker will break their wrists and ankles.
     To harshen this, it would make sense to apply up to twice the AV in damage, but with the latter 100% AV being subdual.  This would prevent unskilled attackers from trying to pull something crazy.  Also, if the target is armored, they are probably armed.  I apply their weapons skill both offensively and defensively against the unarmed.  It is dangerous to lunge in at a three foot knife.
     Lastly, what effect does the armor have? In unarmed situations, I will typically double the armor.  The only way to get damage through on that man in plate is to break his neck, and that's going to take a deadly hit. A body-part just doesn't have the impact or the penetration that a weapon has, but it has enough to overtake a "soft" foe.

Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> wrote:
A recent combat aka kick via hand to hand got me thinking. Has anyone done up good HTH rules? A person kicks another person say with plate armro. His boots. We could assume his boots and his foot would take some possible damage. 

Anyone work up some rules for this? If not I'll have to come up with some later.

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