[PnP] On the topic of spells...

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sun Apr 1 04:38:20 CEST 2007

At 10:50 AM 3/31/07, you wrote:
>Again, looking at ways to keep meat clean (I think I have steered  
>them away from the elder dragon meat, but they may want to preserve  
>the hide until they can get the stuff for tanning).

Preservation has no Unit value.  But its based on touch.  So a shelf full of food is out.  But if he can touch a basket of fruit then the entire basket.  So it goes with that level of common sense.  As to a body.  Unless one is a cannibal preserving an animal foor food I suppose could be the same thing.  But then theres the definition of food.  Is "food" prepares or unprepared?  Up to the GM.  

The problem though is while Preservation prevents food rot that doesn't mean Ants can't have a picnic :) Also means can't be spoiled by weather (damp by rain, etc.).  So there are other factors to consider.  

Want a way around all that?

You could adapt the HPV limit to a FP limit. 


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