[PnP] Protection Items

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Thu Sep 28 23:02:58 CEST 2006

Three sources for Protection Items disagree somewhat.
Book 2 p.34 Permanent Magics/Ensorcelled Items in the 3rd paragraph 
states "...The item may only cast the spell at that EL, defend against 
it at that EL..." While in the following paragraph it states "Defensive 
items will add their MDV to that of the person that has them against the 
spell involved...." Note that it says MDV, not EL.
Book 2 p.37 Protection
"...If the spell succeeds, the listed Roll Modifier is added to the 
attacker's attack rolls and magic success rolls when he is attacking any 
person within the spell's range...."  The Roll Modifier is EL+2.
Book 4 p.35 Magic Treasure Descriptions - Protection
"The item protects the user from physical and magical attack. The effect 
is potent at all times. Add the item's EL to the MDV of the user and to 
any rolls to hit him in combat."

Having a spellcaster that is making protection items I would prefer that 
the interpretation of the rules not be changed AFTER the items are made. 
Thus far I have followed the "...add their MDV..." rules in Permanent 
Magics. This provides an item that gives no bonus vs combat rolls but 
provides a much bigger bonus to MDV. I have been casting both Protection 
and Ensorcellment to make the permanent protection items with the EL 
being the lower of the two. I suspect that I could also make items that 
also affect combat rolls but only use EL for the modifier.

It is possible that Ensorcelled Items contains a typo, that it should 
read "...add their EL..." rather than "...add their MDV...". It is also 
possible that leaving out mention of modifying combat rolls was 
inadvertent. It may be that it was intentionally left open for GM 
interpretation so that a wide variety of items could be made...subject 
to GM discretion.

The Protection spell has a roll modifier of EL+2. The item description 
and Ensorcellment both have a roll modifier of EL (apparently no effect 
from an EL0 protection item).

Any comment Richard? 

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