[PnP] Ship Project - Installment #10 - Deck Plans

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sat Sep 23 05:33:16 CEST 2006

        Well, I forgot to post last week's installment.  Oppps...

        This week's installment is a file on Deck plans.  Some
     time ago (1-2 years? ago or more?) someone sent me deck
     plans in a pdf which had 3 pdfs of deck plans.  They seemed
     to have come from the 7th Sea game but I could never confirm
     that.  Because the deck plans were huge (7 megs) I figure
     they were too big to port around in email here and there.
     So instead I went through each ship (about 59) of them and
     did word pictures of the ships.  Unfournately they may not
     be what is overally descriptive but it works for me without
     having to load up the pdfs each time.
        Why is this info useful?  Well it gives those who may design
     fantasy rpg style ships a basis for how to go about it.  This
     will allow typical "sizes" and top deck layouts.  Unfournately
     I did not have detailed info on some aspects like what the
     crossbow icons really meant (heavy/ballista/light?).  So I
     just considered it crossbow weapons.  I could not find the
     source website for the ships so had to go as best I could.
     The basic reason one might want this information is to sketch
     a general feel for their ships.  Unfournately it doesn't
     take into account anything under the top deck.

        If its useful, cool.  If not.  Oh well.  Too me its data
     to add to the megs of other data to work with.

BTW if you have issue with the data its not my Data.  Its obviously a different source.  Which source?  I don't know.

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