[PnP] Greetings, all!

Wout Broere broere at powersandperils.org
Sat Sep 9 23:03:14 CEST 2006

Welcome back David,

The name sounded familiar but I had no idea that it had been quite a 
few years since you were a member of the PnP list. The group of 
subscribers on the list has grown a bit, but you might also find a 
couple of familiar names, as most of the members from years ago are 
still members today.

And indeed, Richard Adams is a member of the list nowadays and gives 
his often requested and well received input from time to time.

Happy PnPing,

At 20:26 09/09/2006, you wrote:

>Greetings, all!
>I am a former member of the PnP list (I was a member for a long time
>when there were only about 10-12 people on the list).
>Imagine my surprise when I return to the PnP fold, to find the
>staggering amount of work that has gone on!  I am quite impressed.
>Am I to understand that we have the support of some of the original
>designers of PnP?
>David Jackson
>pnp mailing list
>pnp at abroere.xs4all.nl

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