[PnP] Comment and suggestion re Abysmals / Spell Expertise alternative

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Mon Sep 4 20:28:36 CEST 2006

Rule 6.131 ...Abysmal Failure
"...This roll is modified by subtracting your EL x 2 in the spell cast."

As written one could interpret this to be either "EL cast at" or "EL 
known in the spell". I argue for the later. It seems to me that someone 
who is pushing their skill is more likely to have bad things happen than 
if they are only doing what to them is only a simple version.

Example: Knowing the spell at EL8 and casting at EL8 should give a
higher chance of a bad abysmal then if only cast at EL2.

I would argue that Spell Resolution Rule 6.12 A should be where one uses 
EL known at except for (B) the fact that this is where the target's MDV 
affects the magic. But one possibility I think would work is to have the 
(EL known at) applied to the Abysmal chance and the (EL cast at) applied 
to the success chance.

Spell Expertise
One could say that someone who is pushing their skill is more likely to 
learn more in upping their skill. Currently expertise earned is simply 
BMCx2 or MDVx2, 1 if a failure. An alternative worth discussion would be 
using the formulas BMC+EL+1 or MDV+EL+1, 1 if failure instead.

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