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||Grrr.  Err.  I had a big 3 paragraph reply typed up then hit the wrong key ||and the email client went bye bye.  Grrrr.  So I won't type it up again.  ||Too lazy.  But let's see if I can sum up.

Don't you just hate that?

||As to rules I'm not sure what your asking for?
||Armor Making? Armor Repair?  I found 3 files on the subject.  Both should ||be on the website the 3rd file was a email I guess from the list (usnure ||who made it) extracted eons ago.  It had some notes on armor.  Its not ||formatted as it was a straight email to text file.  Is this what your ||wanting?

Armor repair is one thing, but I was figuring on a thumbnail of 10% of original price for every 25% of DV repair.  But I'm waiting on Richard's reply on V2 armor damage.

I'm mostly concerned with armor making (Time and price).  The goal is to have it match reality to some degree, but I'm willing to fluff it to generate round numbers and such.  I have no problem with making weaponsmithing a profitable enterprise that the characters can perform in the winter months when holed up, but not to an extreme.  Time to create is the important one...when any joe character walks into a city to buy armor, it's not just coming off the rack at Armors'r'us; it has to be created specifically for the character.  And if it takes a month in-game to get your AV2 armor, the players will be pretty pissed if the armor damage rules have it chopped to cabbage in a 1-game-minute battle.

||Armour Modifications
||weight of armour is modified by a persons size factor.
||Size Factor (SF) =  height" + weight/2.6  (RN)
||Ave. Size =  142
||Cost of Armour = SF/142 * Armour Cost
||Weight of Armour = SF/142 * Armour Weight

There was a rule snippit on one of the Harn sites I was pillaging last night that had armor price modifiers based on weight ranges.  I'll put it up when I get my stuff organized.  The specific by SF is more fine than needed.  If weight ranges works for food points, it works for armor sizing.

||The time to repair a fully damaged suit of armor is equal to 25% of the
||time required to make it from scratch, as specified in book I. If the armor
||is not fully damaged the time is equal to: (Damage taken)/(total DR) *
||(time to repair fully damaged suit of armor).

||The cost to have your armor repaired by an armorer is 1GC per day, the ||time
||required calculated with the above formula.

Above rules give no good idea on times.  I remember when we were hashing this out before that we agreed the formulas were a bit simplistic and needed a rework.  

The third section has some useful stuff, but I'm still not happy with forcing the AV^2 rule here. 

Thanks for the data dump.  I'll have to go over all my gleened info and see what I can come up with as an organized set of rules.

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