[PnP] Weapon and Armor making again.

Choinski, Burton Burton.Choinski at matrixone.com
Mon Oct 2 03:11:17 CEST 2006

Yes once again, with active games comes the request for rules. That, or I'll have to start savaging my other RPG's and the internet. :P

One of my legends characters has Armorer 76.  He would like to start making armor, possibly to sell (since he is damn good), but mostly for themselves.  I presume he will be working on Weaponsmith as well.

Someone here posted some rules on it a while back, if they could repost that would be great.  Or we can rehash this topic out until it's flat and have Wout add another section to his website. :}

I spent all tonight looking over some stuff.  Harn has some interesting rules that look promising, but need heavy adaption since P&P economics are so wacky.

example: looking over the net at various sources that describe the time to make swords in the medieval fashion it looks about 100 hours for a broadswrod, by my math -- Harn puts it at 138 hours, so perhaps my sources assumed more modern tools available. At 300 hours per month available (30 days, 10 hour days) that's about 2 broadswords if he does all the work (260CC).  No idea of the cost of materials -- assuming 1/2 that means a lone weaponsmith makes about 130CC/month (not bad income).  If you assume he has assistants to take care of the monkey work (the normal situation, I would think) you could increase this to DOUBLE, for 260CC/month, with a cost premium of 1/2 his profits for the second set (65CC) so he makes 195CC per month.  That is for *4* broadswords.

Harnic time to make a fighting dagger is 20h, for 15/month.  Again, at 1/2 materials, this is 150CC profit/month making just daggers (lone), or 225CC with assistants.

Going the other way, a Greatsword is 200h, for 1.5/month.  At 1/2 materials, this is 300CC profit/month (solo).

Now obviously, demand for greatswords will be low...perhaps the rate of sale is halved...I guess that puts the actual profit on a par with daggers (assuming they sell as fast as they are made, via breakage).

Any comments?

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