[PnP] Western Land

Choinski, Burton Burton.Choinski at matrixone.com
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I can dig up and repost my latest physical map (no
site/city/borders/names), if people want.  Actually, probably better to
send a copy to Wout for the site, assuming it does not choke his email.




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I ve been busy, so the project has idled.  My plan was to do regional
maps so that I could show more detail, starting with the volcanic island
area.  I ll see if I can do a little work on it, but I don t have any
firm timelines.

What?  Get to it! :)  I mean look at me and my ship project....oh
wait...bad example...ok..well get to it when you get time :)  Just
figured I'd ask since I came across the last couple maps.  

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