[PnP] The Perilous Seas

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Thu Jan 26 04:46:50 CET 2006

I hope to finish my Navigation file this week for the ship project.  Once
that is done I will get to the real big task - Ship Construction.  The
whole purpose of the project.  Only 19 files and 116k of notes to wade
through finally.  Anyways, could use some votes from you guys.

Should ships in pnp be Point Based or Level Based?  
Ie a Trireme is (just throwing numbers out) a 100 point ship, merchants are
50 and barges are 10.  Point system being Hull Quality/Structure hit
points, wood quality, etc.  But mainly HIt Point type system for combat.


Level being Superior, Poor, Good, Average, etc.  So a Trireme would have
Excellent Maneuverability but Average Seaworthiness in Storms with Good
Hull Quality.  But a Barge would have poor Seaworthiness, Poor Wood quality
and Excellent hauling ability.

That kinda system.  Thus combat would say lower a ships' level over time.
>From say Excellent to Good to Average to Poor..that kinda thing.


Something you guys would rather see?

I'll appreciate votes so I know which direction to go.  Personally both
have merits and weak points.  

1) Point Based
2) Level Based
3) Other (insert here)



Richard, great Western doc.  Will look at it when I can.  What I skimmed is
good though.  


Anyone see Nova this week? Repeat but covered siege weapons.  Good data.  :)

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