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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Thu Dec 7 02:42:24 CET 2006

At 04:07 PM 12/6/06, john haight wrote:
>Hi there. I just joined the mailing list and saw that you mentioned that you run a pbem for PnP. I was wondering if you are considering new players? If so I would very much be interested as it's a pain trying to find a PnP group anywhere and I'm always looking for the chance to play. I've owned the game for a while but only had the opportunity to play it a few times but have been playing rpg's for several years. I appreciate your time reading this and any consideration and information on your part. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks and have a nice day.
Yes.  I've JUST started the 3rd Adventure.  I'm always open for new players.  Being where the party is and where they are going it might be harder to get a new player in depending on what you play.  But Yes.  We can work on it.  Just email me privately like you did.  This pnp list is for everyone and not all are in the game so would bore them.  

Got your application.  Hope you didn't want that public for the world to see :)

As to V2 check out the Mega Site of pnp at wout's site
there you can download the v2 rules and books.

Including tons of new stuff the folks here in this list have done over the years including optional rules...new spells..etc..

You can spend weeks on that site exploring.

As to what type of character you want to play we should discuss this not on teh list open to all.  Might want to keep that stuff private.  So will email you later.  All the version 2 is on wout's site you'll need the new book 1 and book 2 for that material.

The generator doesn't do spells cause I never got around to do it.  So it does allow you though to make everything up to the point you need to get to spell casters (ie. Save the expertise points to buy appreniceship).  
Then can do spells on your own and add to the generated sheet.

I'll get with you on that in private email.

(For those on the list sorry for this disruption!)

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