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What defines "simple"? Given threshold "x", what is used to determine
the over-under?


Low Base Mana Cost?  (simplicity based entirely on spell)


Low Mana Cost? (simplicity based on combination of spell and level)

In this case, if "x" was something like 6, then a BMC 4 spell qualifies
when cast at EL 0 or 1, but becomes "difficult" at EL2 and up.  A BMC 2
spell is good up to EL2.


Low Actual Cost? (simplicity based on effort required)

This is similar to above, but takes in account cost multipliers (i.e. a
Balance wizard casting Chaos spells).  What might be simple for one
caster may well be difficult for another.




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Ship and wagon, yes, if standing with freedom of movement. Horse no.
Casting magic requirements precise movements and gestures as well as
words and such. Can't do them on the back of an animal. If want to
modify that, would have to add a system allowing simple spells to ignore
the restriction because the gestures entailed do not require precise
body control and such.


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	>Stop talking everyone!  Geesh.  Too busy in here.
	>Ok.  Heres a topic.
	>1) Anyone do up rules on Exhaustion ?  Obviously if Conan
storms a castle
	>and kills 30 guards out of 120 hes going to get tired.  Sooner
or later he
	>can't left his big old sword.  Sooner or later that should be
	>I've adapted the Gamma World simple system years ago but its in
my brain
	>rather than on paper.  I was curious if anyone had rigged up a
system for
	>it for marathon actions (running, fighting, etc.)?
	>2) Richard, the rule on can't cast magic while moving.  Is
interesting.  i
	>always forgot it at times early on.  I mean you always see in
the movies
	>they fight with magic while moving (look at that Potter punk
	>Seriously though.  Can one cast magic on a moving object while
THEY are
	>still?  Ie on a wagon or horse.  Technically they are not
moving but the
	>object they are on?  I assume so since on a ship (not moving
but the ship
	>is) its possible and I've done that.  Just wanted to check.
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