[PnP] Innate magic users and MDV

Albert Sales drite_mi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 15 06:02:27 CEST 2005

If you mean users of innate powers, I have always given them split MDVs. They will have their MDV vs. most magic (based on MDV and any magic training), and they will ALSO have an MDV (and immunity) to the specific powers they can wield (as a Natural for that/ those spell/s).  To go directly by the book, it is not clear, but their is mention of their being strong against the magics in which they have specific power.
I'm also curious as to what the official ruling on this is. I could understand the use of a "trained" MDV, even if untrained. Since they have magic in their blood, I suppose they could resist better, but they do not know how magic works (to better defend themselves).

"David A. Sanders" <dasandersx at comcast.net> wrote:
What MDV do innate magic users use? Just the Mana Level or do they use the
MU MDV...or are they naturals?



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