[PnP] Innate magic MEL

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Thu Sep 1 13:24:49 CEST 2005

For Fanatical Powers it is maximum because the individual is specially 
attuned to and blessed by the source of the power. For other innate powers 
it should be current. Will have to look the thing over and see if a 
correction is needed. Thanks.

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>Subject: [PnP] Innate magic MEL
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>According to the latest Book 2, the MEL for innate magics is developed 
>using the highest maximum ability in I, W or Em.....but it seems to me that 
>it would be better if it were the highest current ability in I, W or Em...
>PS  IT would be AWESOME to put the method of determining the MEL in the 
>same place as the EL calculation instead of making us look it up in two 
>different books....

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