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So the effects of climate (as per distance from the equator) is not tide
to the sun?


So, if you really wanted to be a jerk (and assuming the powers above
would let you), you could turn it 90 degrees, making Djanesborg an
equatorial forest (with the daylight of Norway) and they would be having
snowball fights in L'pnth (and Katai would be an arctic hell).





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The equator runs through Ro'babza's hidden city. The angle of
declination is 3 to 5 degrees WNW by the same number of degrees ESE (or
thereabouts). Hidden there is an ancient earth altar. The forgotten key
to its power is cicatrized on the body of the ruler. If the altar is
found, and anyone makes the connection (and survives claiming it), the
altar can be used to alter the angle (1D6 degrees per success in the
direction chosen).

General scientific rules for weather and such are nice to know. In a
fantasy realm, much of it is where the ruling power wishes it to be
(assuming he is willing to pay the price when changes from the norm tick
off enemies or balance).


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	>When you made the PL did you place the land mass more northern
or are the
	>north and south seas bigger than we see?  As I figure it Map 15
the eastern
	>edge of the Ba'rual/Zen'da border is the center of the PL.
That would make
	>that line the equator.  But was curious if the Sea of tears
might be a more
	>fitting one?
	>Was curious how you did the 'global' view.
	>Somewhat important on how storms form like hurricanes and such.
	>can only form 300 miles N/S of the Equator technically.
Therefore was
	>curious on your view.  I know we could put it anywhere but was
curious what
	>you had planned on.
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