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1.  I most certainly allow the elder race characters to become wizards as well.  Why not.  Wizardry is simply mana manipulation while the other elder/sidh magics are (basically) power from above (or below...as the case may be).  For the Elf and Faerry, it is simply a way of expanding their power and education.  For the Dwarf, it permits them areas of magic necessary for their survival (like healing spells).  Speaking of healing spells, for dwarfs anyway, why isn't there an 'earth healing' spell?  For the Dwarf, the use of the wizard magic might easily be confined to the same restrictions as is the runemaster magic, OR he might just well be unwelcome in his warren because of his casual and gauche magic use.  Heck, that could be the excuse as to why he's adventuring with humans instead of being with his own kind.  Elves respect magic in general (the higher the MEL the higher the Station) so they have no trouble 'experimenting' in wizardry.  IF faerries were to do so, they might be considered 'odd' by their kin and thus shunned...again, a reason for them to join human parties...

2.  Again, since wizardry is simply mana manipulation, as long as the Shaman keeps his wizard tricks in line with the overall goals of his alignment, I don't see the big problem....but that's something the player and GM should work out...a shaman that's also a Law Wizard would simply be a 'good' character.  A shaman with a Chaos orientation to his wizardry might be a really nasty bast**d.  Etc.  Maybe the wizardry should be viewed as a focus of his personality....of course, where is a barbarian shaman going to learn civilized wizardry?

3.  A priest is still a character and, thus, has choices to make at his or her own peril.  Priests are locked into certain restrictions because of their denominational affiliations.  Those restrictions could EASILY vary from denomination to denomination.  For instance, one denomination might consider magic use (oustide of the faith) as 'dirty' while another denomination of the same alignment might consider it to be acceptable.  The GM has to make those determinations.  IT's stuff like this that makes GM'ing so difficult.  Lots to develop in too short a time.

4.  I would think that dwarfs that are shadow weavers might simply be cursed....the same true for elves with this "affliction".  I also have no trouble with Dwarves being wizards, but everybody else in the warren considers them crazy old coots....NEVER would a dwarf be a sidh magician, though...he'd kill himself in shame (grin).  He'd probably take up bow hunting or something equally distasteful...(big grin).

Just my opinions.


1) Elves, faerry and dwarfs cannot be wizards because their alignments would conflict with the orientation? Same with shamans, then?
2) Once trained as a shaman, a PC cannot also be a wizard due to conflicting orientations?
3) What about the various priests - I would assume their orientation should be like the deity they revere? But the rules seem to only mention alignment when on the subject of priests - they have alignment NOT orientation - are priests supposed to act like any creature with such an alignment? Can a priest also be a wizard or shaman or sidh magician?
4) Can dwarfs only be runemasters or is it possible to be (say) shadowweavers?

Enough already.

Thank you for your time,

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