[PnP] Experience and increasing skills.

Björn Jansson Vansinne at telia.com
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We thought about that (and will use it)... But doing the math...

Assuming ALL missions are successful:
5.5 points awarded per mission. 
NEL*15 (lets say frpm lvl 3 to lvl 4) is 60 points.
That gives 11 missions...

It seems a bit hard (not to mention dangerous :-) )to raise the levels...
Compared to other "D10 raised" skills.

RJ's suggestion is a good solution, especially if it is used along WITH this

Thanks for the advice.


   It never really came up in our group...but I would probably give Expertes
points of 1d10 if the person was "actively successful in an assassination
attempt". Basically, they have to actually assassinate someone (a chosen
target); as soon as they do, they get 1d10. If they attempt but have to
flee, they get 1 point. 
	Ex: Borvig the Assassin is tasked with the assassination of one Lady
Erinwhile. Through days of following her routines, he gets a job as a
groundskeeper at her keep. A month later, he discovers that she likes to
take midnight swims at a local pond some 3 minutes from her keep. He chooses
his day; he sets up to be 'sick' and 'in bed' to give him an alibi. The
night comes, he sneaks out while leaving a 'dummy' of himself in his bed. He
waits for the right moment, and when she is done swimming she walks up on
shore and starts to dry her hair...he pounces! He wraps the towel around her
head and jumps into the water! He drowns her, leaving her body floating in
the pond, and returns to the keep.
	Now he gets Expertise in Assassination; 1d10 points, with probably a
bonus for taking the time and effort to make it all look like a drowning
accident (I'd probably go as high as 3d10 points; 1d10 for taking a job,
1d10 for watching/waiting, 1d10 for making it look like an accident).

   His other skills go up as they are used, as normal.

Paul L. Ming

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Some skills the rules clearly state how they are increased by experience.
But how is it with Assassin? How do the characters gain experience in it? So
far the only way we see it (we being our gaming group), it is only possible
to TRAIN the Assassin skill. This is since there never is a roll against the
Assassin skill
 so there can be no success with it. (I bet there are other
skills/packages that suffer the same way – but I’ve only come across
Assassin so far – we’re still early in to the use of P&P.)
How how other gaming groups solved this problem?

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