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Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Mar 25 03:33:21 CET 2005

As I mentioned back at the end of January I have discovered more errata 
from 1984. Not much of those not yet posted are errata. Most are 
suggestions made before acquiring The Book of Tables. Some are questions 
that weren't answered.

Book 1 p.4  D4*=Roll a ten sided die, 1-4=1, 5-7=2, 8-9=3, 0=4

I notice that although males tend to be stronger and more intelligent, 
females overall have better stats. Also males have less S and St than 
females of the same height. Is this realistic?

I find it useful to use a calculator with this game.

Book 1 p.6  Extend Multiplier Table to 23. Or give instructions for 
using the table with numbers greater than 20.

Book 1 p.7  1.14) "Note - where a CEL is listed, that line and every 
line above it...."
Should read  "Note - where a CEL is listed, that line and every line 
following it...."

Book p.13 Supernatural Stamina - Example...increases to 50!?! How? 14 + 
30 = 44.

For more realism concerning Special Attributes that effect the Native 
Abilities I suggest the following:
    Instead of: New Native Ability = Native Ability + (1d6x5)
    use: New Native Ability = Native Ability x [(D3* x .5) + 1] (RU)
with the optional minimal increase to the normal maximum Native Ability 
for the character's race and sex rather than to an arbitrary 25.
    The difference between initial Native Ability and the New (modified) 
Native Ability is added to the modified Native Ability to determine the 
initial Current Ability (before any characteristic or training points 
are applied).
    Examples:  D3* roll of 1   Native Ability 15
Modified Native Ability = 15 x [(1x.5) + 1] (RU) = 23
    D3* roll of 3 Native Ability 17
Modified Native Ability = 17 x [(3x.5) + 1] (RU) = 43
    Fred a human male S6 St19 rolls Physical Power as a Special 
A D3* roll of 2 results in:
    S6 x [(2 x .5) + 1] (RU) = S12
    12 - 6 = 6           6/2 (RU) = 3
    St19 +3 = St22
or using the optional minimum increase:
    S12 < S23 (normal max)
    raise S to S23
    23 - 6 = 17             17/2  (RU) = 9
    St19 + 9 = St28
Note A - This rule change reduces the likelihood of S180 Faerries.
Note B - only on a d3* result of 3 does the character acquire the 'Evil 
Eye' special ability with Supernatural Willpower.

Book 1 p.15 Dodging - The rules would be less confusing if the second 
paragraph read : "If a defender dodges, the AV of the dodger's armor 
plus the attacker's Dodge Value equals the Total Value Dodged."
  Also - it would help if to the left of the table was put:
            Defender's Dodge Value

Book 1 p.16  Having three different numbers and names all dealing with 
magic is confusing at first. (Mana Level, Energy Level and Casting 
    Please make it clearer that Casting Ability is the Mana developed by 
training and experience and is what trained users of magic use to cast 

Book 1 p. 17  Mana Regeneration - it would be nice to put the formula in 
the book as well as on the character sheets.

Book 1 p.17 Appearance Modifier Table
misprint - '66 to 96' should read '66 to 95'

Book 1 p.18  1.3332)  WEIGHT.......i.e. Supernatural Stamina,... should 
not be there according to the explantation of Supernatural Stamina. 
Height being the determiner of weight.

Book 1 p.19  Rewrite the Station-Skills Table    put in:
    1)  Either Husbandry, Forester,...
    2)  Choose one: Locksmith; A Language at maximum EK;...

Ajax, Bragga and Charles each study Armorer. Which is correct?
Having acquired 100 expertise:
Ajax is now EL0 and will need another 9 expertise to be EL1.
Bragga (I6 W80) is now EL80.
Charles (I80 W6 StB+2) is (80+6+(2x5)=96)/3 = 32 now EL32. <My way>
The 1st way gives no advantage to those with talent except greater 
potential EL. However, those with talent DO learn faster.
The 2nd way leaves little room for growth. Even the most talented 
improve with practice. Also it takes into account only 1 characteristic.
The 3rd way is simpler (less formulas to remember) and more realistic.
Example: Dobbs (I43 W43) has the same total I+W as Bragga but in the 2nd 
way would only be 1/2 as good. Starting EL = Max EL / # of stats.

Book 1 p.21  2.1) STARTING SKILLS 2.14) Starting EL
The Starting EL is the minimum EL in a skill that a character has 
learned. The Starting EL is equal to the Current Maximum EL divided by 
the number of characteristics that apply.
Exception: Combat Skills Starting EL = 0.

I suggest changing the example.  Use: A character learns Carrying. His 
S14 St56 yield a Maximum EL35    (14+56)/2 (RU) = 35
            Starting EL 18            [(14+56)/2] / 2 (RU) = 18

should read COST TO LEARN
As it is, it implies that upon attaining 'Cost to Learn' expertise 
points that the character then attains Starting EL as in Starting EL 
formula on p.21 (2.3) ...But it does not explicitly say so.
    Beneath MAXIMUM LEVEL put STARTING LEVEL = This is the EL attained 
when a skill is learned. It is also the minimum EL that the character 
may have (without reducing characteristics) in the  skill once the skill 
is learned. It may increase as the characteristics increase.
    Starting EL = Current Maximum EL / the number of characteristics the 
Maximum EL is based on. (RU)

Book 1 p.24 HAND-TO-HAND 2.56) "...EL greater than..."
should read "...EL equal or greater than..." 

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