[PnP] Dragons

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Mon Mar 21 04:06:43 CET 2005

A Quick FYI.

If you have the Cable Network Animal Planet channel you might be interested
in a show called 

Dragons A Fantasy Made Real

Its 3 years in the making and I've heard great stuff about it.  Its on now
as I type this but watching something else.  For pnp it would be a good
resource as it used real science to flesh out the dragon.  Good resource
for all those who use dragons in your games :)

Its 2 hours.

3/21 12am
3/26 8pm
3/26 11pm
3/27 5pm

EST times.  These are from yahoo so I'm sure they'll repeat it more if you
check out Yahoo and Animal planet's site.

It looks like a good site.  I'll record the one in 2 hours and watch it
tomorrow night if anyone wants a review :)

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