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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
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At 08:50 PM 7/20/05 -0800, you wrote:
>In my games Resurection is only available to those with influence on 
>those few that know Resurrection. And since Resurrection doesn't restore 
>one fully except at high EL, those with sufficient influence (money, 
>power, friendship) will prefer to have the highest EL used on them. 
>Though rarely do they have any choice once they NEED resurrecting.

So you still have some with Low skill in training but one or two high
enough per kingdom or whatever for the rich and elite?

>Also the body must be available - in condition good enough to be 
>resurrectable. And those already suffering from old age (or other 
>incurable infirmities) often will prefer not to have resurrections.
>Different cultures have different reactions to Resurrection. In some 
>there is no one available to cast Resurrection so the question is moot. 
>Some societies (like Star Trek - Doc doesn't even try CPR) deem it wrong 
>to bring someone back from the dead. In others it is strictly controlled 
>by those in power (at least of those with ability to cast Resurrection). 
>Some societies are looser about the controls and some have no controls, 
>allowing any that can afford the price to make whatever arrangements 
>they deem suitable for their Resurrection.
>In these last the price would tend to be 'Whatever the market will 
>bear'. Someone with EL10 in Resurrection might be able to charge a 
>king's ransom, but only if there isn't a number of others offering the 
>same service. So, how rare is magic? Particularly such powerful magic as 

Yea.  I figured Supply/Demand was a factor in price.  But was curious if
anyone has come up with a system (Richard, others).  

As you know the book I'm reading now in that world has resurrection as
common as eating and seems a bit oddball.

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