[PnP] Mind Burn - Surf the Brain Waves

David Hunt dhunt at myriad.net
Tue Feb 8 06:45:30 CET 2005

I've always considered Mind Burn damage to be more or less permanent.  
i.e.  That the damage will to the target's characteristics will remain 
after the spell's duration has run out, but that the points could be 
recovered as the tatget gains new stat points along with their experience.

just my two cents.

Scott Adams wrote:

>Mind Burn destroys the brain.  But for years I always treated the damage as
>pernament.  Yet recently I was wondering why.  The description is vague
>enough it could be damage only lasting the duration as if a mind blast.  So
>my question is how do you guys handle it?  Pernament or temporary?
>Richard what was the intention?
>On a side note for those 3 folks who wanted to sign up for my game I've yet
>to hear replies from you guys on my emails.  We will be starting soon on
>the next game so let me know soon! 
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