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I am currently involved in a game my brother is running, a home-brew system
(not P&P), but based on the map and cultures of the Perilous Lands.  My
character, Caelynd MacLyrr, of the Ulail clan ("tribes" is SO not Goidenese.
:} ) is a "god in the making", as are the other PC's (it's a sort of
"Highlander-like" mythos...the gods cannot interfere, but 100 mortals are
offered a special cup to drink from when they perish.  These 100 have a
decade or so to roam about and grow in power, and effectively act as
"champions" for any powers up top, or be their own power if they so wish.
Once a certain threshold of power is reached the character becomes a minor
god and can no longer directly affect the middle world (but may indirectly,
via followers or after effects of their presence).   


Caelynd (pronounced "Cah-lynn" - the "d" is silent), was a highly
intelligent Goidenese who returned to the middle world (after the cup) in
the middle of Gom, was enslaved, escaped, and all that.  Finally made it
home with grandiose ideas on how to improve his people's lot.  Another PC is
a Fomorian wizard.  A third is a Druid of sorts (not exactly sure of culture
of origin at the momement).



Ok, with all that out of the way, let me set up my mission here.  As we have
been (and will presumably continue to) doing a lot of gaming in Goiden
itself, I have taken to working up a high-detail map of Goiden.  Upon
scanning the map book, I have the island image rezzed to about 2500 x 3000
pixels.  Playing with photoshop I have used layers and textures and all
sorts of digital wizardry to make (what I think) is a nice hi-rez picture of
the island.  I'm just finishing up the rivers now, and will eventually have
the raw landscape good to go.


The next step is to flatten this image, import it to canvas as a base image,
and then apply the various labels, borders, icons etc.  I won't include the
Caelynd-induced changes (He used Gom-based loot to fund a road project from
Svokkebek to the headwaters of the river that goes to the Armagh, passing
through the Ulail tribal center) in any final map put forth to Wout's site.




Does anyone have any goidenese points of interest?  Named for features?
Especially Richard, if you have any specific names for the Rivers (none were
on the map) or the forts on the smaller islands and in the Korchi section?
I'll probably do the same treatment like I did on my Djanisborg and Ma'helas
maps, picking out the supporting towns for the two cities there and making
subroads, but if you have any other suggested Goiden, Korchi and Djani names
for things, (used in your games, etc) that would be great.


The mountain testure came out pretty good (IMHO) and one can conceivably
mark out specific "mountains" as sites.  I'll post the raw map here tomorrow
(after I finish the river work).  I'll try and compress it down to something
reasonable for mail that will still show the detail level.


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