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Actually, the lowest was the Farthing (1/4 penny).  There was also the

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Well finally got a basic unit of measurement and its price for the BF.

Based on recent sites I've looked at over the last 4 days.  On conversion
rates for english and roman prices going as far back as the 1260s and as
far back as 100 A.D I believe it was the price seems set around 1.04 BB per
BF instead of the 93 in modern terms :)   Course in modern terms the
conversion is about 1.74 dollars for a BF.  Based on those ancient currency
rate exchange sites.
I've got prices for wood for 1600s as well.  

So based on this we could round it to a 1 BB per BF rate for easy sakes.
Then up and down it based on supply/demand and other things.  This gives a
baseline on that Galley info I have of 300,000 BF to build it.  This would
give it a 300 Gold just for the oak frame and planks.  (Rounded figure its
actually 291K and some change).  So maybe another 100-200 gold for labor
and all the nice toys a ship needs gives a price for a galley set around
400-500 gold.  Which is reasonable but not unfair to players.  Coruse i may
have to tweak cheapness for less durable over its lifetime :)  

All this is based on factual data out there from a Shipyard site in Maine
in the 1600s to exchange medieval to modern rate sites and beyond.  

The only leap I've taken is the lowest rate of english value (penny) to BB
and its reasonable based on the comparative costs of pnp gear and modern
gear conversions.  

Now i can continue....

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