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Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Wed Apr 27 03:22:17 CEST 2005

Still working on my ship supplement but thinking ahead I could use some help.
Ship construction shouldn't be a big issue.  The big issue will be costs in
terms of build costs or final ship buying costs.  

I could tackle it various ways from collection of all parts (anchors, wood,
ropes, oars, etc.) to form a final price.  Or I could use a basic system
based on 80-90% of most ships the wood/hull.  Based on a simple area of
wood or one piece of wood figure out size and then determine a hull prices
then buy other gear for it.  Etc.  If anyone knows of any good web
suggestiosn in this area let me know.  or house rules or such.  

I could even decompile a price like price of Trireme and work DOWN from
there and decompile the price and other aspects from a final price.


On a SIDE note.  Richard or anyone..

Serpent Women - 
1) The regeneration is this regenerted for the next phase the damage or is
in your gmae over a full phase after or set number of phases?  Just curious.
2) The change from serpent to women is one phase or is there a house rule
anyone come up with?  Richard?

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