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Oh, I'm not criticizing the work...it is very complete.  I guess I'm just
more one to keep it relatively minor and in the background unless I want to
have some affect on the player actions.




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Very complete, but perhaps a tad too complex for what is essentially fluff
or environment 


Do we need to get down to the degree detail level?  It s not like they have
thermometers in the PL. :}


I would think tables that resolve to word statements would be more intuitive
as well as resolving to simpler tables:


   Below Freezing, Freezing, Cold, Cool, Comfortable, Warm, Very Warm, Hot,
Very Hot


You might want a level or two under Below Freezing with increased exposure
effects (gamewise).  Obviously, any precipitation at freezing or less is


Complex?  The weather system I did is not as complex as the encounter
system.  In fact the treasure system is far more complex.  The encounter
uses a basic chance chart and then terrain/monster chart.  Two charts.
That's basically what I did with the weather.  A basic general climate
(sunny to overcast) and then a terrain chart.  The temperature is a optional
system and lets GMs use it or not and may be fluff.  But in reality weather
is the LEAST bothered aspect of any rpg.  I'e been in thousands of games
over the year and weather is not used.  Why is it always 80 degrees and
sunny? Ho Hum!  Boring.  Only time Refs tend to deal with weather is in
Desert (hot/water) and Ice (snow/moement).  That's about it.   Everywhere
else its like San Siego year round :)

Not realistic.   

Most of the material was text explanation of the various aspects.   Strip
that away its not that big in terms of just charts.  I made it so a GM can
simply cut and past/print out the terrain chart for the region hes playing

Theres 3 levels you can use weather.  Weather for Dummies is no charts just
the Ref decides its 80 degrees and sunny every day or something else.  Basic
weather is using the basic chart of cloudy, overcast, etc.  And the Ref then
determines the weather at will.  Or you can use the full fledged charts I

So its up to the Ref to use it or not.  I simply did it for those who wish


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