[PnP] Bhamotin Economy

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Apr 22 06:11:38 CEST 2005

  For those who work in Bhamotin there is a piece of the culture
  book missing.  The Economy section.

  This is the section per Richard's email -

Yes it is. DAMN. Bhamotin has a strong economy. Its foundation is
agriculture and fishing. The hill regions produce high quality wood
and have extensive mines. The primary metals found there are iron,
copper and tin. They are noted producers of decent quality metal
work and woven fabrics.

Bhamotin has some sea trade. Given the endemic Climan problem, it
is not as strong as it could be. Their main trade partner is
Marentia. They also have overland trade with their other neighbors
though it is controlled because the Primacy has no trust for Cerulea
or the Rogizini Empire.

That's the basics of it. Can flesh it out more if you need me to.
Will post it to the wesite unless you want to do it for me.

Still working on ship module.  Right now working on culture variation and
details of each culture (river/sea craft and their numbers).  Up to Lemasa
so getting there.  Likely another month of work though.

I had changes to do to Quicksand and one other thing but lost those notes :<

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