[PnP] Teleport Q

Sylverrs_ dragon abnaric at hotmail.com
Sat May 22 02:56:15 CEST 2004

All travel powers spells have a lot of latitude in them. I believe that is a 
good thing as it allows the individual referee and the utilizing player an 
opportunity to refine the spells to suit their needs and their game. In my 
game, as a referee, the answers to the questions Albert asked would likely 

1) If the spell was cast at a sufficient EL, the caster could choose not to 
include the enemy if the enemy was not in physical contact with him. If in 
contact, he would have to be included. If that meant his "port" limit was 
exceeded, someone else would have to be left behind if the spell was cast.
2) For me, that would depend on the nature of the enemy. If he was a 
magic-user, magical creature, etc, the spell would fail. If not, the spell 
would succeed leaving the enemy behind.

     In all such situations, the decision of what happens has to rest with 
the referee, the campaign he is running and how a given effect influences 
the adventure. Leaving some of the elements open ended allows this to be so.

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>    This has brought up a couple of thoughts on this matter (first time I 
>even considered this situation). They are: 1) Can the Enemy stay behind 
>(such as if the wizard has a group of guards of dangerous location to go 
>to), and 2) What happens if the Wizard does not overcome the Enemy's MDV? 
>Does the spell fail, or what?
>Sylverrs_ dragon <abnaric at hotmail.com> wrote:1) If the enemy does nothing 
>to disturb theit concentration, yes.
>2) No
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> >
> >Can someone teleport while an enemy is holding on to them?
> >Can they leave the enemy behind if they teleport?
> >
> >
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