[PnP] Jordi's answer to Z'leyra

SERGI SALLENT igresigres at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 11:09:47 CEST 2004

> Z'leyra suggests that someone who can (but hasn't
> recently) cast Knowledge
> cast Purification and Knowledge to find the
> password.
  (OOC: I have been thinking about it, and I haven't
any better idea than Alex's.)
  Jordi thinks for some seconds.  
  "Well, I can do it.  I am not a good magician, but I
can try it.  Only once, I'm not powerful enough to use
it more than once.  Sorry."
  Jordi retreats to a place in the sixth level where
he can cast the spells, protected by Neva.  He tries
to cast purification and knowledge; if purification
fails, he tries to re-cast it until he is left with
the mana points necessary to cast knowledge; then, he
tries to cast knowledge, no matter what the
consequences are, unless someone else tries it, of
  If Knowledge spell works, Jordi asks in a very
humble way (he will make the effort) to the elven gods
for the password.  Jordi will try to remark the
importance of the mission that the party is doing for
the welfare of the Sidh people, nad the danger that
the Climans represent.
  Once with the password, Jordi returns to join the
party, and tells them inmediately the password.


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