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I've worked in a couple "house rules" for beings indigeounus (sp) and innately able to travel to the lower world, all of which were just strange little things that I've added. Spellcasters could not use these without a ton of research with a creature native to assist them (such as an elf or faerry) who is also a spellcaster. All of these require an energy level expendature (or casting) as if using the interworld travel to go fully into the lower world.
   1- Sleep: Using out of phase time, recover at 16 times the rate. A full night of sleep can be gotten in a half-hour. However, while in this state, nothing will wake them short of an interworld travel. Even attacks on the body, magic, energy drains, and other problems will not rouse this type of slumber. Watchful sleep has no effect on a being in such a slumber.
   2- Travel: If the combined innate ELs to enter lower world are at least equal to the number of persons travelling, travel can be done at an accellerated rate. The drain is 1 energy per person per mile. The rate of travel is increased by the highest EL in the travel x 2 miles per strategic turn, and avoids terrain impedance. The EL is added to all encounter checks, however, checks are made twice (once being lower world encounters). If a lower world encounter has the innate ability to travel to the middle world, they can push or pull the party into either world they chose.
   3- Escape and Ambush: Using the ability to shift between worlds in combat can have some large effects. First, it is an escape path few can follow. Second, a short movement and a return trip can possibly establish an in-combat ambush. The wuld-be ambusher needs to make 2 tests to travel. However, the out-of-phase time can allow 1 of 3 things to happen: 1) Time passes so quickly that they can escape of move and re-enter in less time than a single phase. 2) Time passes on a parallel, and the only advantage is displacement. 3) Time passes so slowly that by the time they return, the fight has probably moved on (and combatants are probably assuming they have fled). 
   4- Unsafe Passage: To enter the lower world AWAY from a designated area is PAINFUL. The barrier between worlds is too great. Damage sustained can be avoided by native creatures away from these points IF they succede by a large margin. The chance for this is a roll of (100- abysmal chance) on the success roll. If this range is rolled, any "passengers" still take the damage, and the native creature is stunned for an additional phase.
   5- Food: By adjusting themselves to the out of flux time (same test and energy cost as actual travel), a native creature can reduce the effects of starvation and dehydration for a time. These factors can be fended off for up to 1 day per innate EL, costing energy and a roll every day. BEFORE THIS TIME ENDS, they must catch up on any missed eating. At the end of this time, time WILL catch up with them, and they will instantly starve/ dehydrate if they fail to do so. After the first day, any failure on the test is abysmal, and they can use no other interworld power while this is in effect.
This isn't exactly what you mentioned, but it is along the same lines.

Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> wrote:
At 08:02 AM 8/19/04 -0400, you wrote: 
Will commit more later. ASTRAL PATHS has no Lower World version for two 
reasons. 1) In the established mythos Balance is excluded from the Middle 
World. 2) It is Astral, thus having to do with the stars, thus Upper World. 

Yeah.  I do recall reading about the balance thing now.  Where was that?
I just didn't know if anyone had tried to create a lower world type equivalent spell.  Will look forward to your comments.  Thanks.

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