[PnP] All quiet on the Zen'da front...

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It would be a good place to base a campaign. Infinite possibilities and a 
definite history vis-a-vis its neighbors. Through in no slavery law and 
basic democracy, you have something to work with given neighbors like the 
Kacili and Gom.

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> > EVeryone (US) busy with taxes I guess. :}
>We don't pay stinking taxes! :)
> >
> > How goes the rights request, Richard?
> >
> > On a world-related note, anyone here ever run a campaign based on 
>Jax'om?  I
> > was considering using it as the base of a non-P&P game set in the Lands
> > Perilous and was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas they used.
>If I recall its near one of the special site book sites.  When I did a
>to visit them all (the sites) back in the '80s I do recall playing in that
>region.  I think the players were fleeing Donara (being chased) and went 
>way.  The mountains make it pretty interesting strip of land if I recall.
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