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>> > #1) I would agree with albert in that you could hear them, but since
>> > they are like the air itself, any speech would be very muted and
>> > ghostly in sound.? A person at full shout would be little more then
>> > a loud whisper (why do you think ghosts are so cheesed off?? They
>> > have to shout their asses off just to be heard...
>> Looks like a good majority agree to this.  Makes sense.  I could see a
>> evil wizard traps a person in pernament ghost form.  Then another
>> pernmanet spell added would be sound sphere.  The guy would be a
>> pernament ghost but could not be heard.  :)
>But then again, he could be seen. So the evil wizard should add a
>permanent invisibility for good measure. Really scary, that.

Yes.  But the problem is the guy is EVIL.  Think about it he wants this guy to
roam around for
a long time being seen but can't be heard or helped.  :)  Just that very fact
would cause
the guy to go insane :)  But yeah if your trying to like hide a person then
could add that
for measure.  Makes the oblivion spell look nice huh?

>> > #2) Once the item leaves your "personal space" it is no longer under
>> > the affect of the spell.? I follow this same rule with regards to
>> > invisibility.?  However, any violent acts by the caster (throwing a
>> > spell, hurling a dagger, etc) will "pop" this bubble of personal
>> > space, and return them to the normal flow of things (i.e. become
>> > solid or visible again).? You can simply drop items at your feet (or
>> > toss them in a gentle way) and they will not g=break the spell.
>> Very interesting aspect and way of thinking.  Hmmmm
>We've had a lot of discussions about what constitutes a 'violent act'.
>It's not easy to define. I believe Mathijs was of the 'no violent acts
>while invisible', while Wout would not hesitate to massacre the party
>using a group of invisible sprites.

I tend to agree but once you attack that person can clearly see it.  It does
make a bit
off balance though for a assassin who has the spell.  But there are ways to
it through wards and the like.

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