Stupid Question #3 :)

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#1) I would agree with albert in that you could hear them, but since they
are like the air itself, any speech would be very muted and ghostly in
sound.  A person at full shout would be little more then a loud whisper (why
do you think ghosts are so cheesed off?  They have to shout their asses off
just to be heard...

#2) Once the item leaves your "personal space" it is no longer under the
affect of the spell.  I follow this same rule with regards to invisibility.
However, any violent acts by the caster (throwing a spell, hurling a dagger,
etc) will "pop" this bubble of personal space, and return them to the normal
flow of things (i.e. become solid or visible again).  You can simply drop
items at your feet (or toss them in a gentle way) and they will not g=break
the spell.

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|| Ok.  Dead list again.  Here is stupid Question #3.
|| Insubstatial.
|| 1) Noise - when you speak would one actually speak or be heard?  The
|| physics of
|| a non-solid
|| voicebox would to me say no.  But I was just thinking about
|| this the other
|| day.  What do you
|| guys say?
|| 2) Throwing things from a Insub person they would become
|| solid.  Does anyone
|| play differently
|| like they still remain insub?
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