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|| Subject: An Evile Group
|| AZNOC DUMASH - Half-Korchi Sadist     AGE - 34
|| S  56(+3)   St  12   D  31(+2)  A  21(+1)  OCV 10 DCV 10
|| I  52   W  80   E  48   Em  20  C  35(+2)  AP  80  CEL 7
|| DTV  -2  Height 5'6"  Weight  138lbs  HC  24% MEL 5 EL 3
|| HISTORY - Two years ago Aznoc was a minor functionary and
|| sometime lover of
|| the Governor in the court of Lamalallu. Two things changed this. His
|| obsession with inflicting pain led him to torture the
|| governor's pretty
|| young niece and the perfection of one of the Governor's
|| slaves compelled
|| him to steal her. The Governor, A'rantha, offers 200GC for his return
|| (alive only).
||     Since his treason, he has built a small band of like
|| minded monsters
|| and worked evil often. The stolen prisoner remains with him. She is a
|| marvelous toy.
|| SPELLS KNOWN - General Skills, Suggestion, Hell Powers and Paralysis
|| EL92 Executioner*, EL 10 Rhetoric, EL80 Herbalist, EL8
|| Healer, EL76 Human
|| Anatomy, EL5 Korchi Flute, EL4 Sword, EL5 Fighting Dagger
|| NOTE - Uses two stolen rings. First is MEL12/EL8 granting
|| total control
|| over the prisoner. Second is MEL15/EL6 Chaining usable seven
|| times a day.
||     Aznoc's father was a Kalu priest of Rahab. His mother
|| was a Nethagen
|| slave serving the temple as a maid and whore. He was therefore born a
|| slave. When hints of his gift became apparent, his father's superior
|| ordered his father to recognize the boy as his son.
||      Six years after his father's reticent obedience Aznoc
|| was fostered to
|| an academy in Lamalallu. It was made clear that he was to
|| remain there
|| until he was adult. He did so for twelve painful, warping years.
||     Aznoc knows one fact clearly. He is born to rule.
|| Because of that,
|| anything he chooses to do is right. Anyone who opposes or
|| annoys him is
|| wrong. It is his place to do as he chooses and have whatever
|| he desires. He
|| is quite willing, and able, to take any steps needed to
|| insure that. The
|| day will come when he is Emperor in his own realm. There can
|| be no doubt of
|| it.
|| CAILIN - Cursed Prisoner, Caledonian     AGE - 25
|| S  18(+1)  St  72(+3)  D  60(+3)  A 108(+5)  MDV NA(8)
|| I  21  W  16  E  52  Em  40  AP  90  C  60(+3)  DTV -7
|| OCV 12 DCV 16 CEL 8 EnL 76 HC ** Hght 6'  Wght 160lbs
|| HPV  38
|| NA = No resistance chance against the ring or Chaos magic.
|| MDV is 8 against
|| other magic.
|| ** Normal healing chance of 66% is moot. Curse grants the ability to
|| regenerate damage at the rate of 4 hit points per turn.
|| CURSE - Victim of powerful Korchi reversal curse. Pain is pleasure,
|| pleasure is agony. If more than one hundred feet away from
|| the ring she
|| suffers intense pain. The agony continues without abating
|| until she returns
|| to the radius of the ring. She is not able to speak while
|| cursed. She may
|| scream, whine and whimper all she wants though. Finally, she
|| is compelled
|| to love the holder of the ring.
|| ENCOUNTER - Cailin is outfitted in a silver collar and a see
|| through silk
|| loincloth. Nothing else. Aznoc revels in exhibiting her often.
|| HISTORY - At the age of 20 she was an important leader of
|| Fomorian rebels
|| against the Korchi on the island of Maboiba. She was
|| captured and given to
|| Governor A'rantha's husband. With temple aid, six months was
|| spent laying
|| this curse on her. She became a fine exhibit of Korchi power.
|| EL8 Dancer, EL6 Acrobat, EL7 Eroticist. (The curse does not
|| allow her to
|| recall past skills. Should it be broken, she has extensive
|| combat training
|| and general education.
||      Prior to the Korchi conquest Cailin was studying the
|| entertainment
|| arts in the island's capital. That changed. The first landing of the
|| assault force was at her family's tower on the west end of
|| the island.
|| Everyone there, including her entire family, was slaughtered.
||      At 18 she earned a place in the resistance as a fighter. It soon
|| became clear that her talents, and cold hatred of Korchi,
|| were meant to be
|| more. At 19 she was leading her own unit. Lust for her, and
|| the resulting
|| ambushes, was the death of many Korchi, including five field grade
|| officers. Her name boosted the morale of the people greatly. The God
|| Emperor also knew it.
||      When she was 20 an opportunity to set up a Korchi
|| Marshal came to her.
|| She accepted it in a blink. On her arrival, she met a Lich
|| who chained her.
|| The waiting ambushers met a flight of the Korchi death wing.
|| All of them
|| were slaughtered. After a visit to the God Emperor's court, which she
|| thankfully does not remember, she was given to A'rantha.
||     Cailin is not a brilliant woman. Uncursed, she is
|| effervescent and
|| charismatic. That as much as anything led to her prominence
|| in the rebel
|| host.
|| BLOCKED SKILLS - EL6 Rhetoric, EL10 Sword, EL5 Bow, EL3
|| Trailing, EL6 City,
|| Hill, Forest and Underground I Survival
|| FRIAN THE FOUL - Dirllar Criminal,Outcaste AGE - 30
|| S   9  St 26(+1)  D 60(+3)  A 52(+3)  MDV 15 HPV 13 DTV -2
|| I  42  W  48  E  21  Em  60  C 15  Ap 3  OCV 7 DCV 12 CEL 6
|| Height 5'5"  Weight 126lbs
|| HISTORY - Frian is a born thief from a long line of thieves. He is
|| exceedingly greedy, lustful and sadistic. A year ago, after
|| many warnings,
|| he was cast out of the Dirrlar Thieves Guild for a rape murder. He is
|| wanted for that crime in more than one city.
|| APPEARANCE - Wears black leather garments. Carries two
|| fighting daggers,
|| four throwing daggers and his thief's tools.
|| EL85 Thief, EL12 Throwing Dagger, EL12 Two Weapon, EL8
|| Fighting Dagger
|| MISCELLANEOUS - Frian's father beat him often. At the age of
|| 12, a month
|| after that man's funeral, two things happen. He earned probationary
|| membership in the guild and he discovered the ecstasy of
|| rape murder with a
|| flower seller.
||     During the first ten years of his guild career, he was
|| circumspect with
|| his passion. Five women died and none could be traced back
|| to him. With the
|| growth of wealth, reputation and arrogance, that changed.
|| Because of his
|| talent, the guild covered for him.
||     In the year of his banishment, Frian took his passion to
|| a new level.
|| While drunk, he grabbed a dancer off the stage. He raped and
|| murdered her
|| in the tavern's public room. Not even the Guild could cover
|| that one up. He
|| was pummeled, bagged and deposited outside the city. He lost
|| everything he
|| had except what was on his person.
||      Frian comes across as a personable individual. Those
|| meeting him for
|| the first time note his wit and charm. When his dark side
|| shines through,
|| he is a laughing sadist and lecher who has no limits to the
|| level of abuse
|| he will inflict on a woman. Few things excite him more than
|| a beautiful
|| woman's death rattle while he is with her.
|| CROLAD KINESKA - Dirlla, Psychotic Duelist AGE 35
|| S  16(+1)  St 54(+3)  D  33(+2)  A  68(+3)  C 35(+2) Ap 17
|| I  15  W  3  E  17  Em  52  MDV 7 HPV 27 HC 45% DTV -5
|| CEL 9 OCV 13 DCV 14 Height 5'10" Weight 182lbs
|| MEL10/EL5 Luck Ring (+6 on roll to hit him)
|| Named Item (Venom) Throwing Dagger - BL12 Paralytic Poison,
|| +2WSB, +7 Hit
|| Chance. Values only apply when it is thrown. The item was
|| stolen from the
|| tower of Mab. Returning it will earn the bringer a boon.
|| (Its poison effect
|| is BL18 vs. the Sidh)
|| SPECIAL POWER - Total Immunity to Iron
|| NOTE - Crolad has an ugly red blotch on the side of his face
|| and a bulbous
|| nose. Will kill anyone who jests about either in any way.
|| HISTORY - After a short career as a duelist, Crolad was
|| driven from the
|| city. The discovery of his immunity, a magical taint, was
|| the cause. He has
|| made a living as a mercenary and adventure in the ten years since.
|| NOTABLE SKILLS - EL13 Sword, Short sword, EL9 Hand to Hand,
|| EL69 Trailing,
|| EL9 Fighting Dagger, EL7 Sap, EL10 Swamp, Forest, Hill,
|| Mountain, Plains
|| and City Survival, EL11 Two Weapon, EL10 Acrobat
|| MISCELLANEOUS - Little to add for Crolad. He is a stoic
|| killer with little
|| charm or wit. Despite these limitations, he has a feel for
|| what goes on
|| around him. He will not be demeaned by anyone. He also loves
|| killing. The
|| more helpless the victim the better.
||      As a note, he is claustrophobic to a degree. He will not go
|| underground unless there is a major reason to do so. While
|| in the tunnels,
|| add 10 to his hit chance to reflect the stress and fear he
|| is suffering.
|| BABA ACHLAD - A'chalani Slaver, Sadist, Lecher AGE 39
|| S  80(+4)  St  21(+1)  D  24(+1)  A  8  C  50(+2)  Ap 25
|| I  26  W  45  E  52  Em  30  HC 36% HPV 38 MDV 11 DTV -4
|| CEL 6 OCV 11 DCV 7 Height 6'8" Weight 280lbs
|| HISTORY - Baba moved to Gom at the age of 26. A notable slave house
|| employed him there. At the age of 31, he was beaten soundly
|| and thrown out
|| of the city for ruining a client's merchandise. His love of
|| torturing women
|| is more than compulsive for him. He met up with and joined
|| Aznoc ten months
|| ago. Loves the nights he gets to watch Cailin. He is a
|| totally evil and
|| venal bastard.
|| EL11 Mace, Sap, EL9 Shield, EL78 Executioner, EL4 Composite Bow, EL64
|| Slaver, EL6 Gong, EL5 Fighting Dagger, EL3 Scimitar, EL4 Horsemanship
|| MISCELLANEOUS - A barely literate boor enamored with his own size and
|| might. He is bigger, therefore he is better. He makes no
|| effort ever to
|| hide his abuses. Every bitch wants him. It's his right to
|| make them pay a
|| little for their joy when he decides to honor one.
|| MOVAD ELGAR - Cousin of Gom Prince, Cursed, Scholar, 46
|| S  33(+2)  St  35(+2)  D  11  A  24(+1)  C 40(+2) Ap 52
|| I  120  W  68  E  15  Em  56  HC 38% MDV 34 HPV 27 DTV -4
|| OCV 9 DCV 6 CEL 5 MEL 9 EL 4 Height 5'7" Weight 156lbs
|| SPECIAL POWER - Natural Magician
|| HISTORY - A notable scholar since his youth who sometimes
|| worked as an
|| agent for his cousin. Four years ago, while doing so, he was
|| captured on
|| Clima and turned over to the Immortal Ghova. She cursed him
|| most foully.
|| Since that time, traveling about doing evil has been his life.
|| CURSE - Movad is compelled to do evil (MEL17/EL9 Curse).
|| When he goes a day
|| without doing so, pain begins. The longer he goes, the
|| greater the agony.
|| His magic powers can only be used for evil ends. Any other
|| spell efforts
|| fail.
|| SPECIAL - a Vampiric Imp also accompanies Movad. It lives off him and
|| tortures him regularly. He is the only one who can see it.
|| For any other to
|| do so a Revelation spell is needed. The imp is a 3'10"
|| reptilian horror.
|| NOTE - He serves Aznoc for comfort's sake. Aznoc is pure
|| evil and does evil
|| often. Movad's memory of his past life is gone. He glimpses
|| it in flashes
|| when he performs an evil action. At other times, it is
|| nothing to him.
|| EL80 Cosmology, History of Gom, EL9 Gambler, EL80 Herbalist, Planer
|| Metaphysics, Zoology, EL19 Healer, EL6 Sword
|| MISCELLANEOUS - Without the curse, Movad's skills are far
|| greater. The
|| reason he lives is relevant to my campaign. He is a trap for
|| his great
|| grandfather. The imp wears a collar. If it sees forces tied
|| to Abnaric
|| Elgar making an effort to capture the cursed one, it must
|| use the collar to
|| launch a trap for them.
||      As you can see, this is a deadly group. It is also a
|| valuable one. For
|| good or ill there is a price on the head of every member and
|| advantages
|| they can give. A strong party operating intelligently would find the
|| challenge enjoyable I am sure. These people exist 200 years into my
|| campaign. Fit them into yours if you choose.
|| AZNOC - 200GC from A'rantha of Lamalallu, 2D10 Rewards dead
|| or alive in
|| Gom, Roghara, Donara, Musira and a number of other cities.
|| CAILAN - If returned cured to her home any boon the savior
|| asks may be
|| granted. A reward of 40GC will be paid for her return to Lamalallu.
|| FRIAN - Is wanted dead or alive in Dirlla, Treaus, Caldo and
|| Donara. 15GC
|| CROLAD - Criminal dead or alive rewards exist in many
|| places. 2D6GC. In
|| addition, there is an unsavory mage in the Rogizini Empire
|| who will pay
|| 40GC for him alive. He has a use for Crolad's gift.
|| BABA - A Gomese slave house will pay 20GC for his head no
|| questions asked.
|| There is also a powerful A'chalani clan who will grant a
|| boon to anyone who
|| leads him to them. The rape and torture of one of their
|| Emir's sisters was
|| way he left the desert.
|| MOVAD - Many places will pay 1D6GC for him dead. The royal
|| court of Gom
|| offers 100GC alive. They also have an offer for anyone they
|| discover is his
|| slayer. Lingering death.
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