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>    By now, I imagine that you all have probably developed character sheets,
> magic lists, and the like. I am planning on compiling the sheets, lists,
> conversions, and tables I've pieced together and sending them out if anyone
> is interested. I would also be somewhat interested in seeing what you are
> using, as well. We are playing a game that is no longer supported, so we
> to "support" it ourselves. I'll have some stuff ready soon, but there is a
> lot that is on paper, not disk. I've got to put it in anyway, so I'll
have no
> problem sharing it.
>      I'm thinking about making a geocity or even just a file-base for these
> support things. This would just be a file-zone for sharing, not a full site
> (no additional help needed there: as in
> <>http://dutcgeo
> is all we need). 
>    Well, I'll send more when this is ready (location) and am looking
> to hearing back more.
>   Thank you, 
>          Albert and Rebecca

The only character sheet I've done is in pure ascii and as most like modern
versions (ie excel or such which I could do but prefer text) it won't help
out there.  I like text since I can take it
to any computer out there without worrying about alternative software :)  The
sheet is abot 95%
the same as the basic character sheet for the P&P itself with a few minor
changes and additions.

At one time there was someone that was working ona  cd for everything out
there.  That
peojct seems to have died.  

My bbs has a filebase just for P&P with everything on the core website plus a
few minor things
not there (minor stuff).  Plus a monthly archive of all the mailing lists so
like 1 month in each archive.

Ya know I suppose I could actually setup a CD myself...hmmmm...I have a writer
and could probably
sit and do one CD and then just copy that one for folks...hmmm...maybe a
project I could think about.  
I think theres only a few magazine articles that I don't have from Heroes.

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