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RE: Stupid question of the month    For players I haven't had to worry about it. One, they haven't played long enough and two, most groups contained a character with the Cure Age spell.

    For NPCs I haven't worried about it, but now that the subject has arisen I agree with the earlier comments. However, I suggest that in most people physical abilities deteriorate faster than their mental abilities. And yes, as maximum abilities decline the current ability would eventually equal the maximum and would then start declining also. As current abilities decline, the maximum level in skills would reduce which in turn would reduce the EL of the skills at that level. Towards the end of their life an old adventurer may find all skills maxed and declining as the ability and skill ceilings drop ever lower.

    Note that in some, diseases like Leprosy, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's rather quickly destroy a particular ability while other abilities deteriorate at a more normal rate. These diseases are generally more frequent in the old but also occur in people as young as infants.

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  Skills would certainly be lost as the skill maximums get nipped. 
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