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At 08:56 AM 7/25/03 -0400, you wrote: 
> None of my games got to the point that aging mattered, but I would probably
> do something like the following (based on the RQ system)
> Upon reaching the age of 40, and for each year afterwards, roll 2d6:
> 2, 12 = 4 losses
> 3,11 = 3 losses
> 4,10 = 2 losses
> 5,9 = 1 loss
> 6-8 = no loss
> For each loss, roll 1d10 to determine the point of reduction
> 1-2) Strength
> 3) Stamina
> 4) Constitution
> 5) Dexterity
> 6) Agility
> 7) Appearance
> 8) Eloquence
> 9-10) No reduction.
> Each reduction is by the current multiplier for that attribute, rounded
> applied to the maximum. Thus a character with a strength multiplier of x4
> loses 4 points of strength on a reduction there.  Reduction in appearance
> eloquence reflect general deterioration of the body.
> Optionally, the reduction can be 3 points or the multiplier (whichever is
> lower).  This allows execptional people (with x4 multipliers) a bit more
> staying power.

I like that system and gave me a few good ideas to wrk with based on the
multiplier thing.
Might work on a system to reverse it.  I have my own system roughly but not
formulated in great detail.

Would you reduce skills during aging?  I mean a older guy would  lose hand eye
for combat skills for example so maybe something like -1 EL or a -5 for every
roll for every 
X years like 5 or 10 aging over a certain point.  For non combats I don't
aging affects many of those skilsl and in fact might get better based on sheer
experience (ie when they
are maxed at 30 they really would be far better at 40) so a bonus might


I'll come up with another stupid question later when the list dies again
:).  I
know the
answers and have my own house rules after 20 plus years doing this stuff but
good to see activity and opinions.  :)

BTW cholan got him one in this update :)

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