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A better way to address the aging for me has worked VERY well, however: Retire the Character. By this time, they are TOO powerful. For NPCs, however, just reflect the age in their stats. It is easily done, with some imagination.I agree, reaching the age of deterioration is a rarity, and not easily meshed in P&P.

"Choinski, Burton" <Burton.Choinski at MATRIXONE.COM> wrote:None of my games got to the point that aging mattered, but I would probably do something like the following (based on the RQ system)

Upon reaching the age of 40, and for each year afterwards, roll 2d6:

2, 12 = 4 losses
3,11 = 3 losses
4,10 = 2 losses
5,9 = 1 loss
6-8 = no loss

For each loss, roll 1d10 to determine the point of reduction
1-2) Strength
3) Stamina
4) Constitution
5) Dexterity
6) Agility
7) Appearance
8) Eloquence
9-10) No reduction.

Each reduction is by the current multiplier for that attribute, rounded down, applied to the maximum. Thus a character with a strength multiplier of x4 loses 4 points of strength on a reduction there.  Reduction in appearance and eloquence reflect general deterioration of the body.

Optionally, the reduction can be 3 points or the multiplier (whichever is lower).  This allows execptional people (with x4 multipliers) a bit more staying power.

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   For aging, I recomend setting a "Prime Age", and with each year past this, rolling a percentile. Every stat that it is lower than, reduce the maximum and current by one.

Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote: Ok. List died down heres

Stupid Question #2 to get some folks talking :)

Have anyone done some serious aging rules? I know many game systems out
(at least
many that I have) have aging rules for older folks). Obviously not everyone
just dies at
35. So an older sea captain might exist for example.

Anyone done up rules for stat/attribute factors and skill increases in

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