A legend (on behalf of Richard Snider)

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The titles of the various gods delineate the areas they have influence in
and indicate the kinds of powers that they can provide or employ. As to
interfering, they generally only do so when summoned by a sorcerer or
seeking to acheive a set goal. In the second case, personal interference is
rare. Operating through mortals or magic-users they are patrons of is most
common. The Convocation penalizes overt interference.
As to relative power, the MEL I generally employ for a god is ten times the
contact level. As you can see a full god, CL 4 and up, can pretty much do as
he chooses in his area of power unless another god stands in opposition to
him. Precise rules for how much mana available and such never really
applied. If you wish to have some, a ball park figure of 100 points per CL
would be reasonable.
Glas you like the present. Hope others do also.

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> >       In the time before form there existed a fertile spirit, a kind and
> >loving force, a wife to the Wanderer, a giver of life. Her name was
>I'm impressed.  I'm down to the contact level section and still reading
>after about 3 days :).   Each night a bit here and there.  But looks very
>useful.  Something I've been looking for awhile as a matter of fact.
>I like how they personafy themselves and descriptions.  Richard do you
>any magic for the gods or just assume they are so powerful mana means
>nothing to them and such?  Thought of any rules for actual interfering or
>appearance in the middle world?
>BTW - Wout, finally sat down and saw more of your site in good study.  Like
>it.  Like the new changes.  As to your email its still here gotta get to it
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