Moral Check

Brandon Stubbs bigbeh at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu May 16 18:54:42 CEST 2002

Hey all,

Someone mentioned a moral check on the the party. I can't find any info on
this, but in the mass combat option it uses a moral check.

So I've made a simple check. I think it should be as simple as possible
given the massive amount of work allready involved in battling

The character will have three possible ways of deciding to stay and fight
or run like a wee-baby and cry in him/her self to sleep in their huge

Empathy - A friend or loved one in danger can give anyone huge boost in

Intelligence - When informed of stragic tactics and holding superior
knowledge can be an excellent sorce of calmness.

Will - Sheer refusal to give up when faced with overwelling odds.

Add all three. Write it down.(ML x 10 for Simplicity)

Add the CDF of all enemy creatures together.
Add the CDF of the group.
Divide the Enemy TOTAL CDF by Group Total CDF.
Result is rounded down.

Divide the result into the previously written down SUM of EMP, INT, and
Roll 1D100 against this result for simple check of individual. If result is
over 100 then no roll is required.
For creature check: (MDV-MEL)*10 for indivdual LEADER check.

Abyssnal Failure = Run like a Sir Chicken with faster enemy getting rear
attack and all other bonuses.
Partial Failure = OCV, DCV reduced in half Round Down
Success = Nothing
Min Chance(optional)= Enemy must roll check (they are shocked by your
confidant stance and must rexamine their own MORAL)

Give it a try. Moral is really needed in this game. If their is a good
system already out their...It would nice to have.


Brandon Stubbs

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